Oslo and Beyond

We had an absolute blast in Oslo, Norway last week at the Skeive Filmer Film Festival. It was so great to be able share the film with a new audience. Thanks so much to festival director, Bard Ydén, and everyone at the festival for their warm and generous hospitality. There’s a great write up on our Q&A on the festival’s blog here. We also celebrated Frankie’s birthday while we were there!

On the way home, Mark and Wade stopped off in Chicago for the Reeling Film Festival where Mark reunited with some old friends. Huge thanks to Programming Director, Alexandra Ensign, and everyone in Chi-town for the warm welcome.

Coming up… Mark, Wade and Frankie will all be in Atlanta next weekend for Out on Film. Then it’s Ft Lauderdale for Frankie and Sacramento and Seattle for Wade and Mark. Plus loads more on the docket here. Join us, friends!

“Old Cat, New Tricks” from MovieMaker Magazine

Our director, Wade Gasque, speaks to MovieMaker Magazine on the casting process for “Tiger Orange”.

I basically turned into my maniacal college acting professor, yelling things like “Give me more!” and “Bullshit! I don’t believe you!”

Old Cat, New Tricks: Casting Frankie Valenti in Tiger Orange by Wade Gasque | MovieMaker MagazineMovieMaker Magazine.

Dennis Anyone?

Our interview with Dennis Hensley! —

On the eve of their Outfest premier, Dennis sits down with the team behind the new film “Tiger Orange;” director & cowriter Wade Gasque, co-writer/actor Mark Strano and actor Frankie Valenti (aka porn star Johnny Hazzard) making his dramatic feature debut.  The film is about two estranged brothers in a smalltown in Central California who have very different ways of being gay. Topics include: fitting in vs. standing out, zip-lining without a harness and Barbie fashions.

Listen in!