Cleveland International Film Festival

It was a hometown screening for Frankie Valenti who plays Todd!

Frankie in ClevelandAnd a great Q&A article and video interview with our director Wade Gasque at the Cleveland International Film Festival!

Don’t be scared by our director’s facial expression ↓ It’s a great interview! 😉


Festival Magic

Both our Los Angeles and New York festival premieres were huge successes. With close to 1,000 people at our Ford Theater screening in Los Angeles, we were the most well-attended screening at Outfest outside of Opening/Closing Nights. Our screening at the Lincoln Center in New York the following week sold out and was capped by a lively Q&A with Wade, Mark and Frankie. Loads of family came out to New York. Hi Moms! And most of the cast and crew attended Los Angeles. It’s been pure magic.

We’ve got festivals coming up in cities all around the world. Check out the screenings tab above to see what’s coming up. We’ll be attending as many of these festivals as we can.

“Tiger Orange” – our new title!

Friends, we’ve got some exciting news… we’ve changed the film title to TIGER ORANGE. Here’s what Wade has to say about it: “It’s a title I’ve been toying with for awhile now. “Tiger Orange” more aptly expresses the tone of the film and the meaning of those words will become clear as you watch. It’s still linked to the film’s central theme of finding that place where we belong in the world. And while I like the specificity of “Where We Belong”, I love the abstraction of “Tiger Orange”. I want the audience to go in without expectations. I want the audience wanting, not knowing.”

More news to come. We’re closing in!!