Festival Update

Mark, Frankie and myself have been traveling non-stop on the festival circuit. In the first half of October alone, we’ve screened Atlanta, Winnipeg, Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, Tampa and Sacramento where we won Audience Favorite.

And there’s more to come! It has been absolutely amazing sharing the film with enthusiastic, sold-out crowds all around the world. And the response has been so gratifying. So many people reaching out to us to let us know how the film touched them, how they connected with the story, how they too have a gay brother or sister, what it was like coming out in a small town, and more. There is no greater thrill for me as a filmmaker than when someone comes up to me after a screening and begins to tell me THEIR story. That’s when I know I’m doing something right.

We’ve got a few more screenings before the end of the year (Italy and Spain, anyone?!) and then a whole new slate of festivals in 2015. Be sure to check the screenings tab above or follow us on Facebook for all the up-to-date news. Thanks as always for being with us on this incredible journey.

All the best.


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